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We have received 20 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars.

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Mimi S

Kennesaw GA

Date: Mar 14, 2017
Next day service with no fuss, no muss and provided proper advisory without talking down to his client. I have him in my phone as Mr. Garage Guy just in case I need him again.
"My Go To Garage Door Guy"

Leeann Roach

Kennesaw GA

Date: Feb 7, 2017
Returned my call promptly. Arrived and had the job finished within two hours. Priced reasonably too. I was pleased he took a look at useable parts and cables etc. without just replacing everything.
"Jayme Returned My Call Promptly"

Jarrod Autry

Kennesaw, GA

Date: Feb 6, 2017
Quick service, honest appraisal of situation and pricing seems fair.
"Honest Appraisal Of My Garage Door Repair in Kennesaw"

Mike D.

Kennesaw GA

Date: Feb 4, 2017
During our recent move, we had an issue with one of our cables that prevented our door from closing. In a bind and major time crunch, I was not expecting the prompt service that was received. Within 90 minutes of our initial call, our cable was fixed and the door was once again working properly. Not only was the service excellent, the price was more than reasonable!! I cannot express how impressed I am with their level of service that was displayed. Mr. Garage Door will be our first call for all our future garage door needs.
"Our Garage Door Broke While Moving"

Date: Feb 3, 2017
Fast, Friendly and Honest!! We were very impressed with the prompt service. Would highly recommend and will use again.
"Fast, Friendly and Honest!!"

Van Fears

Kennesaw GA

Date: Feb 2, 2017
I had an issue with my garage door spring snapping one night 3 days before Christmas 2016. The garage door would not raise manually either. Consequently, our autos were trapped in the garage. I called Jamie the next morning at 9:00 am with my issue. He had my garage door back in operation within 6 hours after my call. Not only did he get the door repaired, he offered great suggestions on how to maintain my door for future use. AND HIS PRICING WAS COMPETITIVE AND FAIR! I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone who needs work done on their garage door.
"3 Days Before Christmas My Garage Door Spring Snapped"

Russell Trevena

Kennesaw GA

Date: Feb 1, 2017
Excellent and prompt service. Highly recommended.
"Excellent And Prompt Garage Door Service In Kennesaw"

Robert Dangle

Robert Dangle

Date: Jan 31, 2017
Great, prompt, reasonably price service! Has an issue with a broken spring for my garage door that had been installed about 14 years ago. I called, and within 2 hours the spring was replaced! I was told the cost upfront and the work was professional and prompt.
"Within 2 Hours Of My Call My Garage Door Spring Was Replaced"

Jason Bass

Kennesaw GA

Date: Jan 30, 2017
I felt like quite an idiot when I backed my car into my garage door, but Jayme assured me that it happens more often than I'd think and from the sound of it, that I wasn't in as bad shape as I thought. He came by only a few hours later and took care of things quickly. I'm glad I called!
"I Backed My Car Into My Garage Door...Oops!"

Lynette White

Kennesaw GA

Date: Jan 14, 2017
We found him simply by using google. We called on the spot and he took the time to answer our questions. He understood our issue and communicated clearly what our options were. Within 24 hours our repairs were completed. Because of his professionalism and prompt communications we chose to have him also replace our garage door opener. We highly recommend to anyone in need of this service.
"He Understood Our Issue & Communicated Clearly Our Options"

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Job Details

Location of Job: Fayetteville, GA
When: Sep 2, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced The Garage Door, Springs And Track
Brief Explanation

Exceeding customers expectations is one of my favorite things to do.

When Mr. and Mrs. Newsam contacted me I could sense a little bit of urgency in their voices. After a minute of talking on the phone I could understand why. Their sons wedding rehearsal was one week away and at their house!

Their concern was valid. Having a group of people at their house going in and out of a garage door that is 30 years old, worn out and dangerous should make anyone nervous.

They also informed me that this garage door was not your standard 2 car garage door. It was "extra-wide".

I was able to make it to their house pretty quick, measured the door and showed them all the different options of door styles and colors. They found a beautiful carriage style Door and a color that matched their house perfectly.

I was able to pick up the garage door the next day. The install went flawlessly. When we were done the customer received a new Garage Door, Springs and Tracks. The door opens smoothly and quietly.

The best part of the job we seeing the customers faces when the came out for the first time and saw their beautiful carriage style garage door. After they opened and closed the door several times listening to the quiet hum of the motor as the door glided smoothly up and down the track and seeing look on their faces I knew they were happy.

Their fears of a closing deadline with a dangerous, extra-wide garage door were now in the past. We were so grateful we were able to help out!

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City
When: Sep 9, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced Garage Door, Springs and Track
Brief Explanation

One of our previous customers called us up to come look at one of her rental properties that had a "broken garage door". As soon as we pulled up we could definitely see the problem. The lower garage door panel was completely broken.

Our main concern with a broken door is safety. These old wooden doors are HEAVY! We have seen door fall of the tracks before and usually damages whatever it hits. Needless to say our customer wanted this fixed asap.

One thing we do to make sure we are efficient is to do an analysis of the entire system. After a thorough inspection of the system we found that the Garage Door Opener was just fine. What needed to be replaced was the: Garage Door, Garage Door Springs, & Garage Door Track.

Now was the time to pick a new door. We spent time with her discussing the different garage door styles and materials as well as the different color options. This being a rental property, it didn't take her long to pick a garage door that was in stock at our supplier.

We finalized the estimate and left it with our customer. The next morning we received a call telling us to go ahead and fix the door. We were able to get all the parts that morning and finished the installation of the new door, springs and track that afternoon. It was another smooth install and happy customer. She was very pleased with the new door and the way it added to the curb appeal.

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