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We have received 20 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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Do You Need A Garage Door Opener

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Don't Let A Broken Garage Door

Turn Your Garage Into Wasted Space

We Can Repair, Install Or Replace Your Opener

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You will be amazed at how soon we can get to you.

If you call early enough we can generally get to you that same day!


What Should I Expect From Hiring Mr. Garage Door?

We promise to give you an honest repair at a fair price.

We believe in treating people the same way we would want to be treated.

What Makes Us Experts With Garage Door Openers?

We have over 6 years experience installing and repairing garage door openers.

More important than our knowledge is our promise that we will only fix what needs to be fixed. No UP-CHARGES.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Mr. Garage Door?

1. We Have A Large Inventory

2. Very Competitive Prices

3. You Know Exactly What Is Getting Repaired And Why

4. We Hold Ourselves To The Highest Standards

5. We Warranty Our Work

6. We Are Completely Honest

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Recent Reviews

Mimi S

Kennesaw GA

Date: Mar 14, 2017
Next day service with no fuss, no muss and provided proper advisory without talking down to his client. I have him in my phone as Mr. Garage Guy just in case I need him again.

"My Go To Garage Door Guy"

Leeann Roach

Kennesaw GA

Date: Feb 7, 2017
Returned my call promptly. Arrived and had the job finished within two hours. Priced reasonably too. I was pleased he took a look at useable parts and cables etc. without just replacing everything.

"Jayme Returned My Call Promptly"

Jarrod Autry

Kennesaw, GA

Date: Feb 6, 2017
Quick service, honest appraisal of situation and pricing seems fair.

"Honest Appraisal Of My Garage Door Repair in Kennesaw"

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We Offer Free In Home Estimates

How Much Will It Cost To Replace My Opener?

With this being the day of Google where you can find just about anything you want online, we all want to know what something will cost before calling a service technician.

As nice as it is to know prices up front, that is not the best way to proceed in our industry.

Due to high competition and some businesses just not being as ethical as they should or intend to be, the price you get over the phone is just a rough estimate. A lot of businesses will give a low price over the phone just to get the customer to choose them and then will add on additional charges once they have started the job.

While it is too difficult to give an accurate estimate here we can guarantee that we are very competitively priced, in fact most people tell us that we are on the lower end of the price scale from the estimates they get.

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Why Should I Hire Mr. Garage?

When dealing with garage doors, you should hire a professional who is experienced in repairing and replacing garage doors and the associated components.

Garage doors are heavy and the torsion springs are under a lot of pressure. A miss-aligned or improperly installed garage door or garage door part could break or cause serious injury. Trust your garage door repair with us.

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Mr. Garage Door Kennesaw

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There are several different models of garage door openers. We will help you choose one that is right for your application and budget.


1. Can I Get A Quote Over The Phone?


Yes, but it is hard to give an accurate estimate without seeing what is exactly wrong with your garage door. However we will try to give you the most accurate quote we can over the phone.

2. How Long Will It Take You To Replace The Opener?


We can replace most Garage Door Openers in about 45 minutes.

3. What Is The Warranty On Your Openers?


2 year manufacturers warranty.

4. Will You Install An Opener I Have Already Purchased?


Yes, but if you haven't already purchased it call me first. I can typically get you an opener for the same price as you can from your local home goods store. The difference will be that the Opener you get from me will be a better quality one that will last longer.