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We have received 20 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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We Have Years Of Experience With Garage Doors

What Is Wrong With Your Garage Door?

  • One Of The Panels Is Broken
  • It Came Off The Tracks
  • I Backed Into It, Oops!
  • It Is A New Construction
  • It Is Old
  • I Am Updating My House

A Broken Garage Door

Can Leave You Open To Theft

We Can Replace Or Repair Your Garage Door

How Soon Can You Fix My Door

We understand how vulnerable or trapped you can be with a garage door that won't open or close

If you call soon enough, we may even be able to get to you today!


What Should I Expect?

With our quality repairs you will know that your home is secured when you close the garage, and when you are ready to leave it will open smoothly.

We are experts in Garage Door Repair and excel in customer service.

What Makes Us The Experts?

Experience & Business Ethics!

We have years of experience but what really sets us apart is the way we treat you.

Our customers save money with us because we never sell more than is needed.

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What Are The Benefits Of Mr. Garage Door

1. We Use Top Quality Door & Components

2. Our Prices Are Very Competitive

3. We Explain Every Repair Before The Work Is Done

4. We Can Get Just About Any Door, Opener Or Remote

5. We Answer Our Phones

6. We Are A Local Small Business

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Job Details

Location of Job: Fayetteville, GA
When: Sep 2, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced The Garage Door, Springs And Track
Brief Explanation

Exceeding customers expectations is one of my favorite things to do.

When Mr. and Mrs. Newsam contacted me I could sense a little bit of urgency in their voices. After a minute of talking on the phone I could understand why. Their sons wedding rehearsal was one week away and at their house!

Their concern was valid. Having a group of people at their house going in and out of a garage door that is 30 years old, worn out and dangerous should make anyone nervous.

They also informed me that this garage door was not your standard 2 car garage door. It was "extra-wide".

I was able to make it to their house pretty quick, measured the door and showed them all the different options of door styles and colors. They found a beautiful carriage style Door and a color that matched their house perfectly.

I was able to pick up the garage door the next day. The install went flawlessly. When we were done the customer received a new Garage Door, Springs and Tracks. The door opens smoothly and quietly.

The best part of the job we seeing the customers faces when the came out for the first time and saw their beautiful carriage style garage door. After they opened and closed the door several times listening to the quiet hum of the motor as the door glided smoothly up and down the track and seeing look on their faces I knew they were happy.

Their fears of a closing deadline with a dangerous, extra-wide garage door were now in the past. We were so grateful we were able to help out!

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City
When: Sep 9, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced Garage Door, Springs and Track
Brief Explanation

One of our previous customers called us up to come look at one of her rental properties that had a "broken garage door". As soon as we pulled up we could definitely see the problem. The lower garage door panel was completely broken.

Our main concern with a broken door is safety. These old wooden doors are HEAVY! We have seen door fall of the tracks before and usually damages whatever it hits. Needless to say our customer wanted this fixed asap.

One thing we do to make sure we are efficient is to do an analysis of the entire system. After a thorough inspection of the system we found that the Garage Door Opener was just fine. What needed to be replaced was the: Garage Door, Garage Door Springs, & Garage Door Track.

Now was the time to pick a new door. We spent time with her discussing the different garage door styles and materials as well as the different color options. This being a rental property, it didn't take her long to pick a garage door that was in stock at our supplier.

We finalized the estimate and left it with our customer. The next morning we received a call telling us to go ahead and fix the door. We were able to get all the parts that morning and finished the installation of the new door, springs and track that afternoon. It was another smooth install and happy customer. She was very pleased with the new door and the way it added to the curb appeal.

Recent Reviews

Mimi S

Kennesaw GA

Date: Mar 14, 2017
Next day service with no fuss, no muss and provided proper advisory without talking down to his client. I have him in my phone as Mr. Garage Guy just in case I need him again.

"My Go To Garage Door Guy"

Leeann Roach

Kennesaw GA

Date: Feb 7, 2017
Returned my call promptly. Arrived and had the job finished within two hours. Priced reasonably too. I was pleased he took a look at useable parts and cables etc. without just replacing everything.

"Jayme Returned My Call Promptly"

Jarrod Autry

Kennesaw, GA

Date: Feb 6, 2017
Quick service, honest appraisal of situation and pricing seems fair.

"Honest Appraisal Of My Garage Door Repair in Kennesaw"

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How Much Will A New Garage Door Cost?

The price of a new garage door varies depending on the style, and size. If you would like to get a ballpark call us, but it is better if we come out and look at your garage door.

There Is No Cost For An On-Site Estimate...And We May Be Able To Repair Your Current door

We give free inspections and estimates. In fact we prefer to come to your home rather than giving you a price over the phone. If we give you a price over the phone it may be higher or lower than what it will actually cost.

We have fixed and replaced A LOT of garage doors and for us to physically see and measure your door will give you the most accurate quote.

Nobody likes the final price to be different from what is quoted (because typically the price is higher), so it is best to get an onsite quote.

Our Schedule Does Fill Up Fast

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Why Should I Call You Over Your Competition?

There are lots of very skilled garage door technicians in the Atlanta area. I'm sure that many of them can do just as good a job as I could in fixing or replacing your garage door. However let me share with you my inspiration to go into business for myself and open Mr. Garage Door.

First off I was happy and excelled in the previous company I worked for in all aspects except for one. This one practice drive me to start my own company where I could control my customers and give the a fair opportunity to be treated right. My previous employer pushed for higher sales even if it meant taking advantage of the customer to get the sale. This lead to other technicians in the company overcharging for services and even selling services that were not needed and lying to the customer to get the sale. These same technicians were then rewarded by management for getting higher sales than those of us that would not be dishonest.

From that sprung the birth of Mr. Garage Door. I promise to be completely honest with all my customers, even if it means I lose money because all you need is a $30 adjustment. I will not up-sell or charge for services that are not needed.

We Do Get Busy

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Mr. Garage Door Kennesaw

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Did you know that you can customer order a garage door. We a catalog with just about any garage door you can imagine in just about any color. Call us if you are interested in looking at custom garage doors.


1. Can You Replace Just One Panel In A Garage Door?


On some doors you can. It is quite common that just one panel needs to be replaced, and it is typically because a vehicle has backed into the garage door. When we look at the door we will let you know if it is possible to just replace the damaged panel.

2. Can You Install A Door I Purchased?


Yes, but if you haven't purchased the door yet call me. In every case we have come across so far I can get you a better quality door for the same price as your home goods store. Those stores purchase lower quality door and mark them up to typically the same price I sell my door for so they can increase their profits. Basically do some comparisons first before you buy an inferior product for the same price.

3. Can You Replace The Old Wood Doors With The New Metal Doors?


Yes, The wood doors were really popular years ago but we are seeing them start to break and wear out. A lot of people are going with new aluminum doors because they look good and are light weight

4. Can I Still Get A Wood Garage Door?


Yes, There are still wood doors and quite a few people like wood doors. They are popular in customer homes and are very pretty. We can bring over a catalog with all the different styles of doors you can get.

5. Can You Replace My Door If My Vehicles Are Stuck In The Garage?


Yes, we are very good about getting stuck doors open and moving things out of the way to replace the door. Call us before trying to open a stuck door.